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Borders Book Stores: "Dixie Land has drawn on her background as a registered nurse and combined it with her talent for telling entertaining stories to create page-turning novels.
Barnes & Noble: Readers who bought Dixie Land books also bought books written by  Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, Nicholas Sparks and Jan Karon.
Our State Magazine,  October, 2005, EXIT WOUNDS, Another great Tar Heel selection by N.C. Author,  Dixie Land.  Another Tar Heel literature pick,  Deadly Company, by Dixie Land  August, 2009.                                           
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SERENITY:   Dixie Land's adeptness with language and fluid style makes readers feel at home and draws them into the lives of her characters. She is especially talented in describing the setting and bringing the small town and its inhabitants to life. The dialogue is colorful with plenty of colloquialisms, but never feels overwrought or false. She seems to know exactly where to draw the line between charm and cliche, and places her character's conversations at just the right level.
EXIT WOUNDS: The strength of this book lies in the multi-layered plot. The combination of romance and suspense is unusual and gives the book a unique and fresh prospective. At one point, it feels like the marriage between Lisa and Steven is at the center of the story. Then the family relationships begin to read like an epic novel along the lines of The Thorn Birds. Both of these elements--along with the mystery, and the subplots and secondary relationships--make this a fascinating structure for a book. By the end, it is difficult to determine exactly which element has created the most suspense.

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From a reader in Iowa: I have read five of Dixie Land's books and have two more to go. I wanted to share with everyone on the net how much I enjoyed them. I read, Finding Faith, Serenity, Return to Serenity, Circle of Secrets and Promises to keep. Dixie keeps you in suspense from the first page to the last. You are never sure what's going to happen and it's hard to put the book down. They are love stories along with the suspense. Besides being entertaining, she has a message included which is forgiveness to those who've done you wrong and she shows there can be some good in a person whose done terrible things. According to author Helen Goodman, Her novel Circle of Secrets, "a high-intensity thriller is an impelling story told by a master writer!" The same could be said for the sequel, Promises to Keep. I've raved so much about her books that my son is buying me her other two for my birthday! I highly recomment Dixie Land's books!!
Norma Hammer, Iowa. 

From Don Farr, net organizer:  Thanks, Norma, coming from you I know that's not a paid commercial. I mentioned earlier that I read one of her books and as a psychologist, though I don't care much for mysteries or love stories, I was intrigued by the way Dixie handled the characters. Great writing. Sally loves them too...great gift ideas!
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