Signing in Troy in January 2011
Ross, Ryan Dixie, David Atkins, library director
       A fun day!  First photo is from 2013.
       See how Ryan has grown! More fun!!
February 18, 2011, Ryan visited Ms Daniel's, and one other 4th grade class, at Jesse Wharton Elementary School in Greensboro.  He enjoyed meeting  the students and telling them about his writing and his Portals books.  They were a wonderful audience and afterward they wrote thank you notes to Ryan which are posted below.

Dear Ryan, Congratulations on being a published author at such a young age! Thank you for taking time to come share with my class about your accomplishments as a writer. I'm glad my students were able to hear your story as you move, and have moved, through the writing process. Best wishes as you continue your writing career. 
Thank you, Ms. Daniels

Dear Ryan,  Thank you for telling us about your books. We enjoyed every minute of it.  We all like the drawings. Your brother is a good drawer.  Thank you for everything!!             Sara Ann

Dear Ryan,
Thanks a lot for sharing the drawings in your books!  I also think it is awesome that a 5th grader writes books!  So cool!
From Brynn

Dear Ryan,
Thank you for your visit. You are a truly inspiring author!  We've been discussing your books and I hope I'll read them soon!  The illustrations are so cool in your book!  Make sure your brother knows he's talented!
You also need to remember that. After all, how many 5th graders do you know that is the author of a series!  I can't wait to read your name in the Hall of Fame with J.K.!       Katie Clark

Dear Ryan,
Thank you for telling us and coming to visit.  Your stories are very interesting and your creatures are cool too!  Maybe you can visit us again soon. I think I will love them because they are just so creative.
Sincerely,  Maddie

Dear Ryan,
Thank you for coming. It was a great time learning about your books. Everyone loved the speech you gave.  I want to be a author just like you!    Ben Guyer       Ben did an excellent job of introducing Ryan to the class!  Thanks, Ben!

Dear Ryan,   Thank you for coming and bringing your books. It was really cool!  I especially liked the part where they made the boy become their King.  And I thought the pictures were really cool.    ?????

Dear Ryan,   Thank you for coming and telling us about your books. The pictures were cool.  It was very nice of you to take time off school to come talk to us.  Manimals are very imaginative creatures.   Elizabeth

Ryan, Thanks for coming all this way to talk and show us about your books. I really like the pictures and your books and I really want to read your books.
Your books entertain me and amaze me a lot.  Sincerely, Leonard.

Dear Ryan,  Thank you so much for coming to my school and showing us your books.  It's so cool how you write them.   Also thank you for taking time off school to come see us.     Sara Moody

Dear Ryan,
Thank you for coming over to JWES to share all about your writing three stories.   Now that I know all about your writing a book, I'm going to write a book called The Mysterious Bob.  I hope you'll read it just like I'm going to read all of yours.      From   Hope

Dear Ryan,     Thank you for the information on your books. I really liked it. The character The Dark One is really cool but looks evil.  I hope to read your books.       Isaiah

Dear Ryan,    Thank you for sharing your stories with us, it is very interesting.  Also, I loved your creatures, they are soooooo cool!  Also very mysterious.     Ljeoma,  (she drew a picture of an open book on her note with a magic marker that smelled like chocolate. Ryan loved it!  Thanks!)

Dear Ryan,  Thank you for coming to our class.  I was amazed that you have wrote books and they have been a success.  Your books seem like they are good!  Thank you for coming!!!  I hope to get to read them this summer, I know they are good because other people have said so.
Your friend, Kinley

Dear Ryan, Thank you for coming and telling us what your books are about.
I think I'll read them when I finish the book I'm reading now.  Thanks for coming and talking to us about your awesome books and those pictures your brother drew are very cool.  I hope the book you're working on now is very successful.     From Madelyn

Dear Ryan,    Hey, it's Chase and I want to thank you so much for coming here and showing your books.  You inspired me to try to start to write my little line of comics that are about Spider Pigs.  I have been trying to get your books from different libraries and I haven't been able to. I am so sorry you had to miss school to come talk to us.  I am trying to get your books but it may take some time.  Thank you for all the trouble you had to go to to come show us your books.   Your new friend, Chase

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Ms Daniels and her 4th grade class at Jesse Wharton
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