Return to Serenity
                        Sequel to Serenity

The misty Carolina moon cast a dim glow in the evening sky as dusk gathered around them. Ross pulled Maggie into an embrace and kissed her with such intensity that she fell against him. Gently, he eased her down onto the lush green grass at the water's edge. His lips never left hers as he lowered himself over her. "You're the world to me, Maggie, my everything," he whispered, his voice husky with passion. glothelick here to add text.

  Rejoin  Maggie and Ross Harrington in Serenity N.C. as their lives are threatened by a tangled maze of secrets and deceit. In this, Land's seventh romantic suspense novel, her  many readers' requests to know more about Maggie and Ross have been satisfied.


Reader Comments:
  RETURN TO SERENITY, the sequel to Dixie Land's first romantic suspense novel, SERENITY, may just be her best book to date!, As the Harringtons move forward in their  life together, these well developed characters encounter joy, tragedy and heartache.  But their love is strong and grows stronger as they deal with adoption,  cancer, kidnapping, a custody battle for their beloved son and concern for their friends and neighbors. Ms. Land has done a superb job of setting up this town and its residents as a several book series.  Though each of the first two Serenity novels can stand alone, you want to keep returning to this charming little town to find out what Maggie and Ross are involved in now. I hope the author will consider a third novel in this series and maybe call it,  IN SERENITY AGAIN. Great job!!!  

Lynette Hall Hampton
AAuthorrDixie Land has succeeded again. RETURN TO SERENITY combines sweet romance, family values and gripping suspense. Fast paced and filled with her trademark surprising twists and turns, Land leads the reader back to Serenity, NC, the scene of one of her earlier novels. Although the sequel easily stands alone, the characters introduced in her first book face challenges resulting from past actions as well as new struggles that evolve as the engaging plot unfolds. The fascinating interaction of her well developed characters and their own inner conflicts and growth enrich the story.  Land is a great writer, bringing the reader to tears, fears, and smiles with her smooth style and keen insight into human behavior.

Joanne Clarey
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The Dr. Christie McMorrow Thriller Series: Twisted Truth, Skinned
Hi Dixie, I finished your book and really enjoyed reading it. It was like getting back together with old friends and finding out what happened to them. I'm eager for your next book.  Bertha S. Troutman, NC
Dixie,  Loved Return to Serenity!  Hope a new beginning is to follow!
Judy Hancock,  Mo.t.
Hi Dixie, I just finished "Return to Serenity", I felt like I had just returned home after a long time away. It was so good to visit with the "home folk". I felt I knew........, but you surprised me again and again. What excitement the characters experienced. Thanks for another great read! Kathy F.                                                                                                                       
ClicDixie,,,I just finished RTS and loved it. It was terrific! Reading one of your books feels like a nice long visit with you. This story was very, very good. And the tie in with nursing home felonies was current. I can see Serenity and Return to Serenity as Lifetime movies. I sat on my swing to read and just had the best time finishing it.  Ellen Elizabeth Hunter, Author of the Magnolia Mysteries. Magnolia Publishing.
ClWow!  Good morning Dixie, I finished reading Return to Serenity this morning and it was great. It's a romantic suspense that really lives up to its name. There's a ton of romance and suspense in every chapter. I did guess about..... but the...... and its aftermath were a total surprise to me. I love the way you ended with "A New Beginning." Congratulations on another winner.   Helen Goodman, Toxic Waste, The Blue Goose is Dead, Murder in Eden and Jess. to add text.
I justefinished your book and loved it! aI was worried that I'd have trouble picking the story up after reading the first book so long ago, so I read the  back cover of Serenity before starting it. I had no trouble at all, it was all there in Return!    Lynn M.ext.
6/26/07  Dixie, It just dawned on me that I had not let you know about your last book.  Return was great!daAnd my friends said they couldn't put it down once they started reading it. Look forward to your next one.  V.N. Sexton, Atlanta
Hi Dixie,  I can't remember if I told you how much I liked Return to Serenity. I definitely think it's your best! I loved the way you built suspense in all along, which made me have to keep reading and reading till the end. You have a wonderful ability to write about family relationships, as well as romance and suspense. I look forward to your next one!  E. Hawn, Henderson, NC librarian.
CI just finished reading Serenity and loved it! Can't wait to  "Return" to Serenity in the sequel !!   Norma H. Iowa
Sadly, I am almost at the end of Return to Serenity. I am hating that it will be ending and I will truly miss the characters.  I cried when I read the part where Maggie read the letter from Melanie to Keri. This book is WONDERFUL!              
Linda Linares, Wilmington, NC