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       Precious is our newest author in training. All of our dogs have been in the office with me when I was writing and also when Ryan dictated his books for me to type. Precious is a quick study and I'm sure she'll be in the swing of it all in the next couple days. What a great little gal!  We love her!

                                Land's l2th novel, Fatal Affair, is available for sale in
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                About the Author: An interview by John Staples, Editor Emeritis

Dixie Land, an author born and raised in Iowa, captivated by North Carolina and cultivated in Kernersville, is known to her friends and colleagues as one who cares about everything.

Always smiling, always looking for the positive side of life, Land finds romance and adventure in the same everyday things that interest most normal people. She likes colorful clothes, intelligent conversation, good food and people of all sizes, shapes and political and religious persuasions.

A registered nurse by profession, Dixie works part-time in an assisted living, Eden philosophy facility in Greensboro, NC.  She also assists her husband as an office manager in their construction company.  "It's rough sometimes juggling my schedule, spending time with the three grandsons and still finding time to write," Land admits.  "But it's all worth it!  Life's too short, or maybe not life, perhaps we just need a few more hours in each day.

"I couldn't do it all without my husband's support. Once when I signed up for a writing class at a nearby college, we needed one more warm body registered to "make" the class.  Larry heeded the call and the class went forward.  He's also a part of our Triad Writers Round table, a group of wonderful writers from varied backgrounds, with differing genre, who meet twice each month to support and help one another. The group provides the motivation we all need at times to keep us writing.

"I'd have to say, I love my life!  The only thing that would make it better would be if I had more time to spend at my computer writing.  But that would mean giving something else up and I can't for the life of me decide what that would be."


In her first romance novel, Land's down-on-her-luck nurse-heroine found security and solace among the easy-going residents of a small North Carolina town called Serenity where she begins to nurse herself and others back to normalcy amid a welter of unpleasant turns, twists and much psychological strain.  Just when it looks as if she'll prevail, a new trevail awaits her. Her characters are, for the most part, people we'd all enjoy having as friends and she tells me some of her readers have actually thought of looking for the town that she modeled Serenity after.

In her second romantic novel, Finding Faith, Land's character, a young career woman, moves from romance, marriage and warm family ties, on to tragedies and triumphs in personal relationships, business and love.

The characteristics of Land's own elegant sense of style and grace shine through the personality of Faith Inman, an interior decorator who falls in love with a successful, middle-aged widower, only to have her dream of a loving, happily-ever-after family life shattered by tragedy just months into their marriage.  Complicating the situation further, scandal erupts at Hargrave, Taylor and Thompson, a prestigious advertising agency Oliver Hargrave founded, and Faith must fight to clear the family name while coping with a greedy, spoiled, self-centered step-daughter who hates her.  She endures a humiliating public trial, astronomical legal fees and the loss of her own business.

In Finding Faith, Dixie Land achieves a personal victory by creating a highly effective conversational tone and a finely hewn plot that subtly pulls the reader into the hearts and minds of the characters.  In the process, she makes them not only likable but entirely believable. Finding Faith, of course, is more than a romance novel. It is a microcosm of today's world and a lesson for those who are trying to find faith in their own microcosmic worlds.

Readers will find a novel that deals with some of the real issues of modern business and religious ethics. Finding Faith is a well-developed, serious book about life and love and the tangled web that the two almost inevitably become.

Since beginning her writing career in the mid-90's, Land has ten published novels. She is  currently  at work on her eleventh, Guarded Secrets, which should be available in April of 2012.
                                                                    John E. Staples
                          Author: White Lies and Other Deceptions, Make Love, Drive Freeway and Perfect Imperfection.