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Heart of Dixie

Hi, Dixie!  Sorry I haven't emailed you sooner, but I LOVED your book.  I started it the night I bought it and finished it the next day.  Except for a little time out for sleeping and eating, I guess I really couldn't put it down! (Writing is like cooking: it takes so much more time to do it that it does for someone else to comsume the finished product...especially if it's good!)
I thought Faith was a great character, as were the others, Laura and Marcus especially. I couldn't guess what was up with Marcus until you revealed........a real surprise, which was great!  I liked the fact that Laura had many novels seem to ignore those of us who have physical problems. Also, I thought it was neat that you put Lynette in your book!  I also liked the fact that, as they were in SERENITY, so many of your characters are really good people, or become so. They are people your readers would like to know (and we feel that we do.) I could go on and on, but I'll just say,'s another winner! (Can't wait for your next one! I know you'll sell lots of them.)               Elizabeth H.  Archdale, NC

When I was writing you about FINDING FAITH, I forgot to say that I really liked the mystery aspect of it too. I didn't suspect the outcome, but when all was explained, it made sense, both in terms of how the crime was committed and in terms of the people's motivations.  That to me makes a good mystery.  Hope our next book is well on its way to publication as I'm looking forward to reading it.  Elizabeth H. Archdale, NC

"I just finished your novel...great story!! Easy reading...I like the way it are quite the author!!
                                                             Mercedes Murphy, Clinton, Iowa

Thanks, Dixie.  Got my copy in the mail today and I have already started reading it.  I already know that I will enjoy it as much as I did SERENITY.  Keep them coming, Love Barbara,  Petersburg, Va.

Dear Dixie,  I came down with a bad cold over this past weekend and had to stay in and rest. What a perfect occasion to read all of "Finding Faith".  What a very wonderful, wonderful book!! I just couldn't put it down. (I even read it during the Green Bay Packers game and usually, on Sundays, my life revolves around their ball games. The story is very beautiful, and the mysteries involved really captured my attention all the way to the end of the book!
You are a marvelous storyteller, and I wait in anticipation for ALL of your future books!!  It was a pleasure to have met you in person, and for you to employ Jan for your covers. It is with great pride that I see her involved with something like this!    Jo Lynn Plonski    West Allis, WI

I finished the book two days after I started it! It was great!  I truly enjoyed it and I am really looking forward to the next one!!! I read SERENITY four times.   Michele S. Clinton, Iowa  newspaper reporter / reviewer.

I'm halfway through the book. I hope to finish it by tomorrow night. It's a great read! I develops very smoothly and has just the right amount of tension and the suspense to keep one wondering. I also like the fact that it's timely given the Martha Stewart insider trading fiasco and the like. John S. NC


well i got your book in the mail. it came at a good time because today is my b,day. sept.17.i got some cards from the girls at work.i know i will enjoy this book. serenity was such a good book.i am reading danielle steels book now. the name of it is daddy. she writes good books, Christine

Dear Dixie,  FINDING FAITH  is one of the best books I've ever read.  Each character is well defined and remains true to themselves. The emotions felt are expressed eloquently. The reader can clearly identify with the experiences faced. There is nothing to distract the reader from the story you portray so well.
Congratulations! You have a winner.
                                   Kathryn M. Fisher (Author of UP A TREE WITH TATIE WEE)

I really enjoyed "Serenity" but I absolutely loved "Finding Faith." It was a wonderful story and truly touched my heart. Keep them coming.  Merilyn L.  NC

Dixie Land is a fresh and exciting voice in women's romantic fiction.  The story of love, letting go and starting over will linger long after the book is closed. In "Finding Faith" you will find not only romance but mystery. There are also surprises along the way. Hope others enjoy meeting Faith as much as I did.  Barbara W.  Va.

My wife started FINDING FAITH right away and read it.  You can be proud, Dixie! She usually reads three to four books at the same time. This is the only time I've seen her read one book and not jump back and forth.
Warmest regards,
Dick S.  Calif.

Dear Dixie,
Thanks much for the book--I started and couldn't put it down. I admire people who can write and you definitely have a gift for it!
Pat S. Calif.

I just got my hair done. Marlene said she read your book without putting it down. She said it was GOOD!!! Know you would like to hear this response to your book.  Love, Kathy

Hi Dixie,  I finished reading FINDING FAITH this afternoon and am really impressed with your writing.  The scene between Marcus and his father brought tears to my eyes. Your writing deserves to be read by many people.
Helen G. Winston-Salem, NC  Author of JESS.

                                                                                                                            CLINTON HERALD

Dixie: Finding Faith---What can I say except WOW!!!  I started reading it on the plane ride back to Nevada and couldn't put it down. I was so disappointed when the plane was landing and I had to put the book back into my carry-on. I think my husband Jeff, was a little disappointed in me. After being away from him for 8 days, I unpacked quickly and grabbed my book to finish. I only had a few pages left and couldn't wait to see how the trial and the life of Faith continued. I told Jeff about the book and I think, he too will read it. Thank you so much for your writings. You truly have a gift. Can't wait for the next book to come out.    Nelda M.    Nevada   
    FINDING FAITH tackles a heartbreaking subject and then makes everything come out right in the end. A must read for anyone who has ever suffered a loss.  Lynette Hall Hampton, JILTED BY DEATH, Silver Dagger

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Oh, Dixie, I read your book immediately after getting home from the conference and LOVED it! I gave it to my mother, who is a very discriminating reader, and she loved it too. It was so good to read a clean love story that had a good and interesting plot and wasn't syrupy-sweet.
  Vonda Skinner Skelton, BITSY AND THE MYSTERY OF TYBEE ISLAND, Silver Dagger Mysteries

I loved FINDING FAITH, thought I had written you before in praise of it. Looking forward to your next book, keep them coming.  Sally W.H. San Marcos, Tx.