First class! Congratulations. I think you're going to be a star writer. I enjoyed SERENITY and now Nora can't put it down and is already looking forward to your next one.     Dave Shaffer in NC.   Author of PAID IN FULL

Hi Dixie, I have just finished your book. I thought it was great--once I started reading it I just couldn't put it down. I am proud  of you. I will anxiously await your next novel. 
Barbara W.  Petersburg Va.

Hello Dixie, I hope this email address is yours, because I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your book! I started reading it after I got home from Sisters in Crime last night and kept reading it today until I finished it. I loved the town (I looked at a North Carolina road map today and I think it might be Cameron, NC...there are plenty of other places it could be too...maybe Carthage?) I loved the characters and the plot kept me wondering "what's going to happen next?" Congratulations on a job well done!! My only quibble is: Why does this have to be a stand-alone book? I'd really like a sequel! I want to know what happens next!
Elizabeth in Archdale, NC (former librarian)

Dear Dixie,
I just finished reading your book and enjoyed it immensely. Keep Writing!  Helen G. Winston-Salem, NC  Author of JESS.

It arrived I actually got shivers when I saw the cover--by Dixie Land! I loved the dedication to Jane & Ken--brought a tear to my eye. They would be immensely proud. Seem like yesterday we were young, carefree gals & how they put up with our nonsense. Never will for get you learning to drive. And, the slumber parties we had on your back porch. Anyhow, looking forward to reading it and showing it off to the girls tomorrow. Wish you could join us! Thanks for your inscription--sure would be fun to live closer. At least we have email and don't know what I'd do without it. You seem close.  Love, Judy G in Marion, Iowa.

My mom loved SERENITY! She can't wait for your next book. I haven't had a chance to read it yet but will, hopefully, as soon as life settles down a bit. Jan in Franklin, WI

Dixie, Oh! MY GOSH, am I a sleepy lady this morning. I stayed up until 4:00 a.m. to finish your book. If I look like a zombie at your signing this afternoon, you'll know why. WOW WOW WOW what a great book!  Can't wait for your others.  Love you tons, Nelda M. San Diego, CA

Dixie, Received your book yesterday and have already finished it. I only do that with books I can't put down. I loved it!  Let me know when your next book is out.  Judy H. B.  Clinton, Iowa

Dixie, I really enjoyed your book. Couldn't find any flaws!  John S. Editor Emeritus NC

Dixie,  I read your book this weekend. I loved it---I'm so impressed.  Carol A. Greensboro, NC

I couldn't put your book down. Please keep me in mind when your next book comes out.  Jean F.  Greensboro, NC

Hi Dixie, I read your book yesterday...Obviously, I couldn't put it down!  Teresa H.   NC

I have started to read SERENITY and will get back with you when I've finished reading it---real talent there!   David W.,  NC Pharmacy Board, Executive Director. Chapel Hill, NC

I finally got my mom's book to her last Friday. She started it before she went to bed, slept a while, got up at 4:00 a.m. and finished it at 10.00. She loved it.  Plan to read my copy when we go to the beach in two weeks.   Donna B. Belews Creek, NC

I read and enjoyed your preview on Wicked Book Preview Co. Could you tell me how to order a copy?  Pam P.  Atlanta, GA.

I loved your book, couldn't put it down.  It's exactly the kind of book I love to read. Let me know when your next one's available.  Naomi L.  Greensboro, NC

Dixie,  When will your next book be out.  Let me know as soon as it's available.  Judy R. Eden, NC

Dixie,  Well, I finally finished the Danielle Steele book I've been reading. Picked up "Serenity" about noon today and finished it late this afternoon.  Loved it!  Sometimes I found myself skimming over words because I had to know what was coming next. Let me know when your next books are out, I'm anxious to read them.  Admire you so much to be able to write such a good book. Keep up the good work and entertain all of us. Sally W.H.  SanMarcos, TX

Hi,  I finished SERENITY about 1:30 this morning. I couldn't put it down. It isn't just good, it's exceptional!  Know you'll have good luck marketing it. I feel that's harder than writing a book.
P.S. Jean hugged her book when I gave it to her today.  She thought the front was beautiful.  Kathryn Fisher, NC  Author of Up A Tree with Tatie Wee.

Dixie, We got your book before we left for a short trip and my wife devoured it on the first flight!  Good job!  I hope to get to it soon but don't normally take much time for pleasure reading at this time.  Ken T. SanDiego, CA

Hi,  Gave my daughter-in-law your book to read over the weekend.  In twenty-four hours she was finished. First book she's read in three years--usually reads autobiographies. She really enjoyed it--it kept her attention and interest. She did say she would have liked another chapter about the wedding at the end---it was over too soon.  We're looking forward to your next.
Judy G. Marion, IA

One of the things I did in surgical waiting room was finish your novel. Good work!
Are you planning a sequel?

I am programmed for 600-800 words necessary for an opinion piece in the newspaper, see attachment, and admire anyone who can string all the events and characters together and tell a story that makes sense and is still interesting. Congratulations!!
Unsolicited comments---perhaps it is the lawyer in me, but I noticed on page 46, when the pregnancy was confirmed, that there was a presumption that Maggie and Doc were alone in the examining room.......that raised a red flag for me as there should always be another female in the room when a pelvic exam occurs.  On the applause side, I noted the phrase at the bottom of page 119, continuing over to page 120,  " ...breathe their essence into her." which, in my view, has to be one of the best phrases in American Writing.  Keep up the good work and I look forward to more and better.  David R. W. Executive Director, NC Board of Pharmacy.  Chapel Hill, NC

SERENITY is a great novel that not only makes you care about the characters, but makes you want to pack up your belongs and move there.
Lynette Hall Hampton
JILTED BY DEATH, Silver Dagger


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"I really enjoyed Serenity because of the fast pace, the imagery in character development and the vivid descriptions of the area, particularly the outdoors. I felt like I was living in the community of Serenity. Will watch for your new publications."
D. Hedgpeth, Lumberton, NC
7/16/06 Dixie, I just finished Serenity. It was wonderful!! You have so much talent!!  Once I started your book, I couldn't put it down. You kept just enough suspense woven all through the story, even to the end, that I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen. Thanks so much for sharing your book with me. This will be such a wonderful addition to our hospital baskets, Jan Karon, move over!! I would like to purchase a complete set of all your books, I have so many friends who will love your work.  J. Slaughter, Greensboro, NC

OMG!  I absolutely could not put SERENITY down, then could not wait to open RETURN TO SERENITY. I have sooooooo much to do around my house and I am expecting some out of town company tomorrow--and yet I CANNOT seem to detach myself!   Linda Linares, Wilmington, NC

I just finished Serenity and I loved it!!!!!  You keep your readers in suspense
all the way the book and just when I think they have their problems solved, another one arises. You describe the scenes so well I think I'm there.
N. Hammer, Clinton, Iowa
Hi Dixie, Last night was another late night. I get half way through one of your books, and then I have to read until it's finished. You always keep me guessing. My mind wonders over-board thinking what might be coming next. I can never guess. And I'm so anxious as the characters in the book are trying to figure things out. I couldn't figure out why Maggie, Ross and Bobby went into the other room at the wedding and shut the door. But you always provide more than enough action to keep me spellbound. I love the book and look forward to reading the sequel. Thanks for writing great books. I'm ready for another adventure!  K. Bartachek, Maquoketa, Iowa