EXIT WOUNDS                           

  There's an old adage--If it seems too good to be true, it probably is, Step into Silverton Heights, an elite bedroom community outside of Charlotte, NC. Home to many up and coming young executives, and home to Steven and Lisa York.
  Throughout sixteen years of marriage, Lisa has considered her life perfect, she idolizes her husband. Steven and their two daughters are the center of her life. She's contented working behind the scenes to help him advance his climb up the corporate ladder. As their dream becomes reality---an unexpected series of events reveals a dark and very disturbing side of Steven. Betrayal!  Her discovery leads to the destruction of her marriage and their family.
  To further complicate her life, Lisa finds their finances in ruin, her relationship with her oldest daughter who adores her father begins to deteriorate rapidly and her snobbish, domineering mother-in-law's interfering only adds to her crumbling existence.
  Then to her horror, she learns that some exit wounds can be deadly!
Early reader comments:

I started EXIT WOUNDS last evening and you should see my red eyes today. I loved it! I think it's your best yet.
Lois P.     Greensboro, NC

Dixie, I'm almost finished with Exit Wounds. I stopped at page 202, because I didn't want it to end yet! It's wonderful.
Martha, M.    Greensboro, NC

O'kay, I'm a little upset with you. I had so much to do this afternoon after returning from Norfolk and I thought I would read just a few pages--well, I'm halfway through the book--just couldn't put it down. I think this is your best yet--seems like I remember saying that about "Finding Faith". You just get better and better.
Barbara W.    Colonial Heights, Va.

Dixie, Just finished reading EXIT WOUNDS. I loved it! I never suspected.........

I just completed Dixie Land's latest book. I don't usually read mush or mystery books but took this one on as I was curious, and Sally was still on another book. I thought it very well written. How did you ever create those characters?  I really got into the characters (good sign?) and as a Psychologist wanted to deal with each clinically.
Had a hard time putting it down in my alloted reading time (before I go to sleep)
I'm sure Sally will love it.    D. Farr PhD, Paradise Valley, Arizona

Hi Dixie,
Well, I finished EXIT WOUNDS last night and it kept me up past my bedtime!!  You had me fooled! I never would have guessed................It was soooo  good.!  You had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen. I liked your Ryan character and know who he was named after.  You did a great job, Dixie. It amazes me how you can come up with a story like that, and you have to pull it all together too.          Norma Hammer, Ia.

Recommended by OUR STATE MAGAZINE,                                   Oct. 2005

I thought I was moving along with Finding Faith. I read over 21 chapters yesterday. Verna started Exit Wounds yesterday when I was well advanced into FF. I took a nap on the couch and when I roused, Vern, who is usually in bed before the news, was reading after midnight. She said she just couldn't find a place to quit!  She read 38 chapters!
Ken and Verna Land, Topeka, Kansas, cousins of mine  recently reunited by mail after being out of contact for 50 years!
I lack about 20 pages of having Exit Wounds finshed. It has been a thriller also! Girl, you are so good with your story lines!  Pat S. Arkansas
Did you get my email about how much I enjoyed your book? I started it one morning and kept thinking, just one more chapter. Finally, I heated myself a TV dinner and finished it that night. I couldn't put it down!
D.M. Marbury, Ark.